It was the 75th Anniversary of the repeal of alcohol prohibition on December 5th. Law Enforcement Against Prohibition has kicked off the ‘We Can Do It Again’ project, calling for an end to drug prohibition.

Alcohol drug reformers used the slogan, "Save the Children from
Support for the federal war on drugs is inconsistent with support for individual freedom, constitutional government and the teachings of Jesus.

In the spirit of Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. with our Bible and Constitution always close at hand, "We will overcome," drug abuse with compassion, science based education and treatment.

Allow history to repeat itself, repeal prohibition. Gain better control by regulating all drugs like we do pharmaceuticals, tobacco or alcohol. We tolerate the salesmen of these drug gangs that cause more death annually than all illicit drugs.

Don't delay, send a letter to your members of Congress and state law makers. Please act now and please post or forward this link to as many people as you can! As always, thank you for supporting LEAP.

As my fellow reformer, Suzanne Wills at Drug Policy Forum of Texas points out, "If drug violence were due to Americans’ appetite for drugs, drug violence would have begun when Americans began using drugs. It didn’t."

The real danger to society is prohibition. Our prohibitive drug policies trigger violence in our streets and across our borders - 5,612 people were executed in Mexico's drug war in 2008, over 1,600 in Juarez alone. Prohibition has destroyed many lives and families in the US, wasting trillions in tax dollars, causing 37 million arrests for nonviolent offenses.

The best way to stop the drug wars in Juarez may be to legalize the drugs here in the United States, according to El Paso City Council. They unanimously approved a resolution (1/6/2009) asking the
U.S. government to begin a serious debate on legalizing narcotics.
But Mayor John Cook vetoed the resolution hours after it passed.

City Council representative Beto O'Rourke noted, "We need to say something that is a, probably difficult for anyone to say, which is one, has the drug war been successful; two, if not should we continue it; and three, given that should we look at legalizing, controlling and taxing drugs and narcotics in the United States?" He says, next week's agenda is likely to include an item calling for the override of the mayor's veto, which would take seven votes by the nine-member council.

President elect Obama offers the surgeon general post to CNN's Sanjay Gupta. The very same, Dr. Gupta once who wrote "Why I Would Vote No on Pot": for TIME Magazine. What happened to changing things for the better? He is sounding more and more like more of the same, as bad as McCain!

The drug war fuels corruption of public officials and injustice in our courts. The statistics reveal that racism is epidemic in the drug war. It's the elephant in the living room being ignored by servants of tyranny.

Problems don't go away just because the government makes them illegal; they just go underground. Then a black market creates worse problems; since sellers cannot rely on police to protect their property, they arm themselves and form gangs. The more despicable sellers recruit minors to sell to their peers, charge monopoly prices and kill the competition. Some buyers steal to pay the high prices.

Based on a 2003 study by addiction researchers at the State University of New York at Buffalo, alcohol makes domestic violence 8xs more likely. Marijuana does not.

Cannabis oil is that cure all some of our ancestors used! Thank God, they did not let us all be brain washed into forgetfulness about the wonder of it! Oooops they spilled the beans, in spite of the oppression promoted by medical profiteers. It is a bigger disgrace than sex in the oval office! Take action, now, join the Campaign For Liberty! Dr. Ron Paul says, "We are politicizing pain."

Have you ever done a search for violent crime statistics? Or unsolved child murders? Many violent crimes go unsolved every year!

While we police nonviolent social, medicinal and religious drug use, murderers and violent sexual predators roam free. Across the US last year 38.8% of the murders, 60% of the rapes and 45.9% of the aggravated assaults became cold case files! The cumulative effect of this is horrendous.

This policy bordering on insanity obviously is not the best use of our limited resources or making our neighborhoods safer. Get tough on violent offenders, drug warriors don't have to look far for something better to do.

Read the Roll Call article that highlights the lobbying work of NORML, ASA, DPA and MPP. 2008 was one of the most successful years ever for marijuana policy reform.

Obama still claims to want our input. Please take a moment and log onto the site to voice your support for questions pertaining to drug policy reform. Most are listed under, "Additional Issues," so click on that link on your left to find them fast.

Dean Becker, Producer - Drug Truth Network went to Victoria Texas recently to see the new movie "Drug Wars - Silver or Lead." He interviewed the director Rusty Fleming, Fred Burton of Stratfor (an anti terrorism organization) as well as two Texas sheriffs from the border region. It is definitely time to reexamine this policy of drug prohibition.

"I want to kill Osama's fattest cash cow, eviscerate the cartels and paramilitary, eliminate the reason for which most violent street gangs exist in the US and take away our children's easy access to drugs. --- anybody who objects is a dang fool." Dean puts in plain enough.

Our man in DC, Howard "Cowboy" Wooldridge was nearly in tears on the 29th of Dec. (he gets misty at liberty). The scream you might have heard at 05:45 EST on that Monday morn was him, when he opened the Washington Post to read that Senator Webb will in 2009 ask for legislation to authorize the creation of a national, blue-ribbon commission to investigate the matter of having 2.3 million in prison. Read Howard's blog.

Almost all elected officials are afraid of being called soft on crime but with more than 1 in 100 American adults behind bars we need to reassess criminal justice policy. Sen. Jim Webb (D from Virginia) is courageously calling for a national commission for this purpose. Servants of the people will fearlessly join Senator Webb, get tough on violent crime and treat nonviolent drug abusers as patients not criminals.

In a recent Raw Story interview, drug czar, John Ashcroft did not deny the sequence of events that sparked a power struggle which saw the White House re-authorize its own program without the approval of the Justice Department.."So, I think the system worked. And I'm glad that it did. It may not prove a whole lot about a lot of things."

That's when our blessed departing drug czar floored the audience by saying, "It may just prove that when I have a lot of morphine in my system, I make the right decisions."

He is referring to the morphine drip button many hospitals give to patients in enormous pain, he adds in jest, "Maybe I should have kept one of those at my desk throughout my administration. Make better decisions." Could he actually be coming to realize some of his mistakes?

Here are a dear friends suggested New Years Resolutions for avoiding misery! "Choose to love, rather than hate. ~ Choose to smile, rather than frown. ~ Choose to build, rather than destroy. ~ Choose to persevere, rather than quit. ~ Choose to praise, rather than gossip. ~ Choose to heal, rather than wound. ~ Choose to give, rather than take. ~ Choose to act, rather than delay. ~ Choose to forgive, rather than curse. ~ Choose to pray, rather than despair," by Anonymous

Choose to join the Easy Revolution! The web is the fastest growing communications medium in the history of the world. A powerful tool, a window of opportunity, in our war of good over evil; the Internet continues to revolutionize the way we communicate and has enormous potential for reshaping the political process.

Servants of tyranny support continuing this abomination of a drug war. Servants of the people support reform to a better drug policy that truly makes our neighborhoods safer. Restore justice in America; construct science based drug policies about saving and rehabilitating instead of ruining lives. Allow nonviolent adults to take responsibility for their own choices.

The real cause of this huge quagmire of failed policy is the beast, big government, that money hungry beast, Uncle Sam! Ma Freedom tells it like it is! The beauty of it is when we focus on downsizing our government we regain our roots of self-government and secure the blessings of liberty for ourselves and future generations.

Save the children, just say NO to prohibition!

Trigger less violence, racism, tyranny and ruined lives!

Compiled and written by Colleen McCool

Repeat Repeal, ‘We Can Do It Again’!!

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