Poetry of the Spirit and Gallery
"God's Wild Creations" 36"x24" Oil Portrait and Landscape

"God's Wild Creations" is dedicated to loving people everywhere who cherish children and nurture our planet.

Scroll down for close-ups of sections for details.

"God's Wild Creations" numbered prints. available, e-mail or call 1-254-965-8849 for sizes and price quote.

Order a large oil portrait of your child or special someone with a beautiful landscape, of your choosing, that draws your eyes into the picture's depth and back to the central subject!

(For one similar in size and detail to "God's Wild Creations" around $5,000.)

Tell me what you want.


I'll quote you a reasonable price!"
Designed by Bonnie Colleen McCool * 1797 Timber Wolf Trail* Stephenville * Texas 76401