In GOD's Name

In God's name,
as rulers of the kingdom earth,
our purpose is not fortune and fame
but simply to Love One Another.

To unite, to be as one!
Oneness! Celebrate our simularities!
Oneness, will save us!

One God, one Spirit,
the eternal source, of life,
of that super consciousness!
We can tap into it!
Aha, that intuitive knowing,
when the soul speaks,
in God's name!

We are not alone.
Body, mind and soul, bond to know
our divine connection!
In God's name,
Love IS eternal,
by experiencing life everlasting
we make it so!

We forgive and gain forgiveness.
We respect and tolerate our differences
and gain respect and acceptance.
We recognize the unchangeable
but honor our sacred contract -
to go forth in love, healing,
liberating, celebrating our oneness,
in God's name!

Then we receive a gift,
in God's name,
from the Eternal to us, you see.
The Lord's bequest is. . .
Faith creates,
as we believe, so it shall be!

Sad to say,
many organized religions
work against our oneness
each and every day
in God's name!

Politicians and physicians milk the system instead of making it run
with the milk of human kindness.
In God's name,
no one in our midst should be in need.
As we were taught in days of old
we are blest for our good deed!

In God's name,
return a sense of kindness to our laws.
Mercy and compassion is our mission.
LOVE not WAR is our command!
Righteous violence is always a last resort,
in self defense or to protect the innocent,
but something we should never court.
Yet, when we do take a stand
for our rights and those of others.
God smiles,
for the Eternal Heart is the drum
beat for this just cause.

There is but one God,
no matter what name you call him -
Theos, Deus, Yahweh, Allah
the Great Spirit in the Sky
or whatever you will!
It is blasphemy to kill,
in God's name!

By Bonnie Colleen Henry McCool


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What does this work communicate to you?