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2010 Rebel with Just Cause Award

2009 Rebel with Just Cause Award

2008 Rebel with Just Cause Award

2007 Rebel with Just Cause Award



Animal Portraits


"Baby's First Christmas"

"Betty Roper"

"Bong Hits For Jesus"

"The Boys"

"Bud & Jean"

"Casey and Cindy"

Celebrity Portraits

Champions of Rodeo Portraits

"Chics RULE"

"Dallas Reisinger"

Dick "Tater" Nixon (caricature or cartoon)

"Dissipated Dawn"

Disband the FDA & DEA!

"Dr. John H. Richards"

"Dr. Ron Paul "

Drug News Texas



Follow the Money

"God's Wild Creations"

"Gordon Grady Henry"


"A Hollow Reed Open to Receive"

Home page "Jellybean" (portrait used in logo)


In God's Name

John "Pinocchio" Walters (caricature or cartoon)

"Jose Antonio"

"Justice the Guardian of Liberty"

"JY Hamilton"

Latest Drug News

"Let Freedom Ring!"

"Life Begins At Forty"


"Marilyn Monroe"

McCool Comments

Memorial Portraits

"Mike Fields"

"Mist At Liberty"

Paint/Sketch-Commissioned Art

"The Platform"

Pet Portraits

Portrait Artist

Portrait & Fine Art Gallery

Portraits of Adults

Portraits of Children

Prisoners of the Drug War

Rebel With Just Cause Award

"Reflections on a Safer Choice"


"Scot Mitchell"

"Self Portrait"

"Shy Beauty"

"Sleeping Beauty"

Spirit of 1776 Poetry and Gallery

Task Force

"Theatre Night"

True History

"Ty Murray"

"Walt White"


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