2011 Entries

Kleptocracy! Politicians & Court Officials for Sale!

Sex, Drugs , Violence & Official Lawlessness!

Standing Tall for Self-government!

Legislating Under the Influence

No Perfect Answers, Just Better!

An Obamanation of America!

Drug War II, Git-R-Done!

A Real Order of JUSTICE!

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2008 Entries

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Ethics govern when we practice the golden rule!

"Let Freedom Ring!"

Future fearful and bleak? LEAP boldly toward Less Government!

Hurling through Election '08; the Revolution Continues

Jury Nullification, a Constitutional Power Tool WE the People Pack!

Looking for a Commander and Chief of Peace!

Common Sense Policy, UFL's, and LOL !


2007 Entries

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Liberty Flowering, Restoring Our Roots!

Do you know how to love America?


2012 Entries

Thank You for being a Virtuous Citizen!

Believe in the American Dream!

High Moral Principles!

Bloody, Immoral Policy NO Just Cause!

HIGH as a FLAG on the 4th!

Uncle Sam Vs The People

The Reaffirmation of Self-Government!

Un-American Activities Make Injustice Evident!

En Masse, the Spirit of the Times!

A Nation of Scofflaws & Hypocrites

?riorities Out of Whack!?

2013 Entries

Igniting the Eternal Flame! Self-Government spreading like wildfire around the globe!!

Moral bankruptcy destroys US! Self-Government Restores Justice!

High Hopes to Restore Justice! Save the American Dream!

Uncle Sam Sucks!

The Declaration of Independence II

End the Oligarchy! Restore the Republic!

Engaging MORAL Challenges NOW!

Crumblings, Rumblings of Revolutionary Returns!

Drawing The Line! Have you taken on the freedom philosophy, the American dream as your own?

A Hokey Pokey System of Dysfunction Vs Self-Government!

2015 Entry

What happened to the "Land of the Free" ??!!!@#$%^&??!!


2014 Entries

Clearing the Cobwebs!!

Aaaaahhhhhh! Frustration!!!